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Volunteers still needed at Werks Reunion – please help out!

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Hi! If you’re planning to be at Werks Reunion this year, will you please give back a couple of hours to help the organizers keep things running? This year we’ll have more attendees than ever, but our Volunteer brigade is running a bit low right now.

Especially, if you’re in the Jacksonville area and can help out on the day of Werks (Friday, May 21), or on the day before (May 20), please contact Dora Barren ASAP at dorabob@comcast.net or 904-613-545. 

Although the main event is to be held on Friday, May 21, volunteers will also be needed on the set-up day, which is Thursday, May 20. If you’ll be at Werks, please help out if you can!

There are a few different ways you could help:

Thursday (day before Werks)

Bag Stuffing – this activity is when all the goody bags for the entrants of the judged and corral parking are filled with the “good stuff” as in the previous event. They need at least 12 people.

Signage – setup and place as much of the event’s signage as possible on Thursday. They need 3 people.

Judged Field setup – laying out or marking the position of the judged Porsches for Friday’s concours. They need 4 people.

Corral Field setup – laying out or marking the positions of the Porsches parking in the corral area of the field. They need 3 people.

Miscellaneous – there are other tasks that need help setting up.

Friday, at Werks

Will Call – this is at the entry drive into the Amelia River Golf Club; assist registered entrants who have not picked up their credentials. They need at least 6 people for different shifts.

Signage – place the remaining event signs out onto the field prior to the event starting time. They need 3 people.

Volunteer Check-in – assist with checking volunteers in for their work shift. They need 2 people.

Corral Parking – check pre-registered Porsches into corral parking and to help park the Porsches in the corral. This usually takes at least 16 people, (8 morning shift and 8 afternoon).

Concours – check pre-registered Porsches onto the judge field and to assist with parking / staging the Porsches.  They need as many as they can get, at least 20.  Preferably people who can recognize the different classes.

Trophy / Awards Stage – assist with displaying and presentation of trophies to award winners.  They need 2 people.



Please contact Dora Barren, volunteer chairperson – dorabob@comcast.net or 904-613-5453 if you can volunteer for this National PCA event.


PCA will be requesting masks to be worn and COVID restriction to be in place and waivers to be completed online with this link SpeedWaiver link: https://pcanational.speedwaiver.com/nvjax BEFORE YOU COME TO HELP.

National PCA would appreciate it if our local Region and Zone members step up to make this event successful! Please help out a bit, if you can.


Lisa Lewis Koller
Zone 12 Rep

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Zone 12 News: Congrats to Hurley Haywood on the 50th Anniversary of his first IMSA win

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For those of us who are really into sportscar racing and history, you certainly know who Hurley Haywood is and what a fantastic driver he was (is!) – especially in Brumos Porsches, at Daytona! As our “hometown hero” (here in Florida at least), we have a unique opportunity to personally congratulate him on his success.

This year, in addition to all his other achievements and appointments, Hurley joined the NASCAR Foundation Board of Directors. Some of Hurley’s friends told me the Foundation has created a donation page in honor of him and his first IMSA victory in 1971.

If interested, you can donate and leave a personal congratulatory message for Hurley – and also wish him a happy birthday on May 4th! The Foundation will aggregate all messages and give him a birthday surprise from his fans. If you’d like to participate, please visit their site:


(in the Donation section, just check the box “I’d like to make my gift in honor of Hurley’s first victory in 1971,” and then write your message)

And if you’d like to hear his story about that very first race – and life at the time – read this interesting article. It’s also a reminder of how awesome the 914 was! 

As always, if you know of some interesting or unique ways that we can enjoy our Porsche world, support our members, or give back to our communities in any way, large or small, please send me a note.


~ Lisa

Lisa Lewis Koller
Zone 12 Rep

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Zone 12 Events Coming Up Soon!

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Welcome to May! We have beautiful weather, we’ve been able to get vaccinated if we chose to, and it’s not hurricane season yet. Oh, and we all have Porsches – how lucky are we?

Please take the time to enjoy some events with your Porsche friends, if you can, whenever you have time to play. Sometimes life gets in the way, and we totally understand … but when that happens, just remember a nice drive can provide a lot of therapy!

Here are some great events coming up soon, all around the Zone:

Saturday, May 1:

Sonnenschein’s Tour to the Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival


Sunday, May 2:

Space Coast’s Charity Poker Run


Sat, May 8:

Thoroughbred’s Cinco de Mayo Celebration … after the 5th


Sat, May 15

Ben’s Birthday Drive-by for Autism

We have a very special event coming up on May 15th, in South Florida. If you’re in the Jensen Beach area (Stuart, Port St. Lucie) or really anywhere in S FL, please come out and celebrate a young member’s big birthday.

Ben has been enamored with Porsches since his parents bought their first one when Ben was three. He’s a big boy now, turning 10 on the 17th, and we’re going to drive by and wish him the best birthday ever!

Ben, in addition to being a Porsche fan, is affected with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The entry fee plus all additional funds collected will be donated to the Hope Center for Autism. This is a joint event between Gulfstream and Gold Coast Regions, and it’s an excellent time to come together and do something wonderful for this young boy.

Please come out to celebrate Ben’s big day!


Sun, May 16:

Citrus’ Ladies’ Day Autocross – all ladies drive for free!


Sun, May 16:

Puerto Rico’s Concours D’Eelegance


Tues, May 18:

Suncoast’s Dinner on the beach at Sharky’s in Venice


Fri-Sat, May 21-22:

Everglades’ Sebring Road Trip and Night at Inn on the Lakes


Sat, June 12:

Gulfstream’s Navy Seals Museum Tour & Lunch


Aug 21-22:

Gold Coast’s Escape to the Cape (Coral); Open to all Regions!


A couple of our Regions are still planning their summer and fall events, so keep checking their sites to find out the latest.

Crown: https://www.pcafcr.org/events/

North Florida: http://nfl.pca.org/our_events.htm

We’re pretty lucky to have so many socials, car shows, tours, rallies, autocross, and track events coming up. I hope there is something of interest to you and your family, so you all can enjoy the fun, fellowship, and friendship that PCA offers us, all year round.

Hope to see a lot of you at Werks at Amelia Island in a few weeks!

~ Lisa

Lisa Lewis Koller
Zone 12 Rep

And don’t forget to save the dates for our Zone 12 “mini-Parade,” Zonefest (Sept 3-6); and our Daytona Club Race weekend, OktoberFast (Oct 22-24).

Zonefest: https://zone12.pca.org/zonefest/

OktoberFast: https://zone12.pca.org/octoberfast/

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Zone 12 PCA News: Werks Registration opens today – March 24, 2021

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We’ve almost made it through March, and a lot of us were able to enjoy a slimmed-down Sebring last week. At least it was back at its usual time of year, and there’s hope that next year we can fully get back to normal.

But today’s main news is about Werks! Registration for Werks Reunion opens today at noon ET: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/porsche-club-of-america-werks-reunion-amelia-2021-river-golf-pca-574602

PCA’s Werks Reunion is a National event held annually right here in Zone 12. Learn all about it and how you can plan to participate: https://werksreunion.com/amelia.cfm

Werks will be on Friday, May 21 (tentatively). Stay informed of any updates or changes to the schedule by checking PCA.org: https://www.pca.org/event/2020-07-09/werks-reunion-amelia-island-2021

It’s held on the Friday of the Amelia Island Concours (May 20-23). You can learn more about The Amelia here: https://www.ameliaconcours.org/

Porsche Parade

If you plan to go to Parade this year, please register and plan to attend the Parade RegionFocus webinar next Tuesday, March 30 at 9 pm ET.  You should have received an email to register. If you have any questions about the webinar, please feel free to email RegionFocus@pca.org.

With Parade’s Phase II Registration opening April 7, this webinar will provide an overview of what you need to know in preparation of the next registration process (banquets and events).  Phase I Entrants and Region Leadership are encouraged to join this informational webinar and be a resource for your region members. The webinar will answer common questions on COVID-19 protocols, wait lists, cancellation policy, refund policy, making a schedule for yourself before you ever log in, etc.

For information about Parade, please visit https://www.porscheparade.org/

Parade Phase II registration opens Wednesday, April 7 at noon ET.

OktoberFast Club Race and DE at Daytona, Oct 22-24

In addition to the Club Race, Solo Driver’s Ed and Autocross on the Kart Track, this year we’re planning all sorts of events for participants and guests, including a car show, swap meet, charity parade laps on the track, and other fun happenings. We have the Daytona International Speedway venue as our playground for the weekend, so please plan to come out and play with us!

If you’d like to plan a nice weekend getaway to Daytona, this would be a fun one! There are lots of new hotels and restaurants all over the Daytona Beach area, including reasonable hotel rates right on the beach: https://www.daytonabeach.com/.


If you’re able to attend OktoberFast – especially if you’re a local or live in the central or NE Florida area, please plan to be a Volunteer. We have a lot of fun, but we couldn’t do it without our wonderful Volunteers! To join the team, contact Raylene Grynkewich at raygrynk2@outlook.com.

Sponsorship Opportunities

This year we’re planning a bigger event than ever! If you or someone you know would like to take advantage of sponsorship opportunities, please contact Steve Lancaster at oktoberfast.sponsors@gmail.com. You can view the several Sponsorship Levels available.

Hopefully you’re able to enjoy our beautiful spring weather and get out there and drive your wonderful Porsches! Thanks as always for supporting PCA and Zone 12 events!

Lisa Lewis Koller
Zone 12 Rep

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Be a part of our new Region’s first major event!

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Wow, it’s already March! Hopefully, you’re enjoying our beautiful weather and staying safe and healthy.

There are great events all over the Zone in March, but this one will give you the unique chance to say you participated in a new Region’s “1st” event! The “Golf”stream Rallye will start and finish in Indiantown, FL, which is west of Jupiter, FL. If you can make it on the 13th, the Gulfstream Region would love for you to come have fun with them.

Porsche Club of America’s newest Region

Presents the
“Golf”stream Rallye

Saturday, March 13th at 10:00 AM

Start and Finish at The Indianwood Golf and Country Club:
14007 Golf Club Drive
Indiantown, FL 34956

Total Distance: 86.1 miles Total Est. Time: 2 hrs. 20 min Avg. MPH = 37.5

$15 Entry Fee per Vehicle (Driver)

All Drivers and Passengers MUST preregister and sign the
Release and the COVID Waiver on ClubRegistration.net:

Register for the “Golf”Stream Rallye

Pre-Rallye Instructions:

1. Charge your smart phone and bring it with you.
2. And bring one or more people who can fit in your vehicle and can put up with you for a few hours.

Be the first to win a Gulfstream Trophy!

Most of our events are posted on ClubRegistration.net or on each Region’s calendars/the Zone calendar, so check often to see what all is going on around the Zone!

Zone 12 Calendar

ClubReg Sign In

Have fun!

Lisa Lewis Koller
Zone 12 Rep

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Zone 12 News: Updated event dates and SVRA at Sebring!

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Hope all is well in your world and you’re staying healthy. In the PCA world, there are a few updates to this year’s events, but we’re still doing our best to keep things going.

Here are a few new details about some annual events and a brand new event at Sebring this weekend – the SVRA SpeedTour!

March race at Sebring

There will NOT be a PCA Porscheplatz at the Sebring race in March (17th-20th)

Unfortunately, we will not have a Porscheplatz tent (PCA hospitality) at the Sebring race in March. As they did for the race last November, the track will have the Porsche and Corvette corrals set up in the traditional location (at the Turn 17 start to the front straight), but “we” (PCA) will not have a presence there or need Volunteers to run the corral.

If you bought a corral ticket, you’ll be parked there with other Porsche owners and can enjoy the race like you usually do. There won’t be an official PCA presence, but you’ll probably see a lot of your PCA pals there. If you need more details, check the Sebring website.

PCA’s Werks Reunion at Amelia Island, May 21, 2021 (TENTATIVELY)

At the moment, Werks is still on, tentatively. It’s held during the Amelia Island Concours weekend, so if the Amelia Concours organization cancels their event, then Werks will be canceled. But if it’s on, then we’re on!

Please check here for current details about Werks

Registration for Werks is currently set to open on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, at 12:00 PM (EDT).

Porsche owners interested in displaying their vehicles must register in one of two categories:

Porsche Corral — Display your cherished Porsche proudly alongside others in its model type. Corral participants are not considered in judged competition.

Porsche Judged Field — Compete against other owners to take home a Werks Reunion Award. Register early as this category sells out fast!

**please note that there is no spectator parking and all Porsche owners wishing to attend must register and park in the Porsche Corral.

Learn more about the Amelia Island Concours

Zone 12’s Annual Zonefest – MOVED TO LABOR DAY WEEKEND (TENTATIVELY); September 3-6, 2021

Zonefest is Zone 12’s annual all-Region bash, usually held during the start of summer, in various parts of Florida. We’ve had to delay it this year until Labor Day weekend (Sept 3-6).

Please plan to join us this fall in Melbourne. Thanks to our host Region — Space Coast – this is going to be an incredible weekend. Of course, all this is dependent on the health and safety circumstances at the time, but the plans are currently moving forward for a Labor Day Zonefest.

Registration will be on ClubReg, and will open sometime in late spring. Stay tuned for updates and keep checking the Zone 12 page.

OktoberFast at Daytona is back – bigger and better than ever! Our Zone 12 Club Race / DE / Autocross will be Oct 22-24.

We’re planning some fun new activities and events this year, while we’re at the World Center of Racing for the weekend. More details to come soon!

Registration for the Club Race, Solo Driver’s Ed and Autocross will be on ClubRegistration.net, and will open sometime in the early summer.

We’ll welcome back our usual team of Volunteers – and we’ll need even more help this year. We’ll use ClubReg for Volunteer registration.

If you live in the central Florida/Daytona area and you plan to go to OktoberFast, if you’re interested in more info about becoming a Volunteer, please email Raylene (Ray) Grynkewich at Raygrynk@comcast.net.

Stay tuned for OktoberFast updates as we finalize plans, and keep checking the Zone 12 page.

And finally … for some fun this weekend, check out the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) race at Sebring this Saturday (Feb 20)

The Everglades Region is planning to caravan to Sebring, from a rest area in the Fort Meyers area, right off of I-75.

There’s a lot going on at this great event, so plan to attend if you’re in the area! The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) returns to Sebring International Raceway on Saturday, February 20th.

Join fellow PCA members for a memorable day at this historic race track. Enter the “Hagerty / Cars & Caffeine Car Show” and be part of the SpeedTour weekend.

Sebring SpeedTour is one of the most popular events on the SVRA schedule, routinely drawing hundreds of vintage race cars from all eras, makes and models. The weekend features large fields and great competition in all SVRA race groups. Following the vintage races on Saturday afternoon, the pro Trans-Am series takes the track to qualify for their Sunday race.

Learn more about the full weekend: SVRA Sebring SpeedTour

When: Saturday, February 20th

Everglades Region Caravan departs at 8:00 am from Lee County Rest Area at I-75 and Daniels Parkway (View the Caravan starting point)

Cost to attend SVRA event – $45 per car to enter the “Hagerty Cars & Caffeine – Car Show”. Each entry includes:

* 2 Weekend passes to the Vintage Auto Race
* Touring on the Sebring International Raceway in your show car
* VIP Parking / Porsche Corral
* Event poster and program
* Full access to the racecar paddock

Car Show Registration – To purchase the car show package, click on this link: Hagerty / Cars & Caffeine. Be sure to enter PCA / Everglades Region as your car club. Pre-registration ends today, February 17th.

Caravan Registration – To sign up for the Everglades Region Caravan from Fort Myers to Sebring, email Dave Noelken: cdnoelken@comcast.net

Event Questions – Email Dave Derecola: cup944@aol.com

Hope to see you at some of these events. Stay safe and enjoy the good times whenever you can!

Lisa Lewis Koller
Zone 12 Rep

Easy Ways to Stay Engaged with PCA


Zone 12 website

See what’s going on in all our Zone 12 Regions and on the  Zone 12 Calendar


Most of our events are listed on ClubRegistration.net. It’s easy to create an account on ClubReg. Then you can simply search for a Region to see what all is going on – all around PCA. Most of us are already on ClubReg, but if you’re new to PCA or haven’t attended many events in the past, please take the time to create your account now.

Most of our events do require registration, so we can manage the number of attendees and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

Attached you’ll find instructions for how to create your account and register for events. Thanks to Suncoast President Denise Remus for creating this helpful document!

How to Register on ClubReg

Is your email address current on PCA.org? And is your co-member’s email included?

Make sure to keep your email address updated, so you’ll continue to receive emails from your Region, Zone and the National office. And if you have a co-member, make sure their email address is also in your profile, otherwise they will not receive any communications from PCA.

Just sign into your account on PCA.org to make any updates, or call the National office for help: 410-381-0911

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Zone 12 News: Werks Reunion Moved to May 21

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Werks Reunion and the Amelia Island Concours have been moved to May. If you had room reservations for March, you might want to go ahead and change your plans now.

Werks will be on Friday, May 21 (tentatively).

Registration will open on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, at 12:00 PM (EDT). Check the Werks website to stay up to date: https://werksreunion.com/amelia.cfm

Updates will also be on PCA.org:

The Amelia Island Concours will be May 20-23: https://www.ameliaconcours.org/

And before you look away … We need you at the 48 Hours at Sebring, Feb 4-7

It’s just a few weeks until the 48. If you live within a reasonable distance of Sebring, and you feel comfortable being a Volunteer for the 48 Hours at Sebring Club Race weekend, would you please consider helping out? Even just for a day – you can pitch in to help in any of the fun roles available for Volunteers.

Of course, we’re all diligently trying to remain safe and healthy while we wait for the vaccines to be fully administered, providing hope on the horizon. But a lot of our truly dedicated annual Sebring 48 Volunteers are in the COVID high-risk category and are wisely choosing to stay home this year. If you can help out, we welcome your assistance!

It’s easy to become a Volunteer:

Here are the roles needed:

Questions about Volunteering at Sebring? Please contact Paul Raben at praben356@gmail.com.

Thanks for supporting PCA and Zone 12 events!

Lisa Lewis Koller
Zone 12 Rep

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Zone 12 News: HAPPY NEW YEAR! We made it through 2020!

Category : News

I hope you enjoyed a safe and healthy holiday season and are looking forward to a happy, healthy and hopeful 2021. With help from family and friends, and probably some random acts of kindness along the way, we all survived 2020. In PCA, there will be a lot to look forward to in 2021 – fun times; chances to give back to our communities; and simple opportunities to get back out there again.

Let’s start out right in 2021: Welcome Zone 12’s Newest Region – Gulfstream!

As a well-deserved Christmas gift, Zone 12 got a new Region! This is our 2nd new Region in the past few years (Thoroughbred began in 2015), giving us 11 Regions total.

Gulfstream was granted a PCA charter on December 21 and becomes the 146th Region in PCA. It was formed from the northern part of the Gold Coast Region, after more than a year of preparation and planning.

This will give us more opportunities to provide local support and activities for our members in this part of southeast Florida. The borders include Highlands, Martin, Okeechobee, Palm Beach (from Boynton Beach and north) and St. Lucie counties.

If you live within these boundaries, you’ll soon be receiving a letter from the National PCA office, asking if you’d like to become a member of Gulfstream or remain in Gold Coast.

Thanks to all the Gulfstream board members who contributed their time and efforts, as well as those members of the Gold Coast board who supported and helped the new Region get started. Look forward to new Gulfstream events in 2021, including joint events between Gulfstream and Gold Coast as they start their planning for the new year.

If you have any questions about the new Region, please contact Gulfstream’s leadership.

Check out Gulfstream’s new website.

And they’re already planning to socialize, safely, with monthly Third Thursday Socials. The first Gulfstream event will be held in a few weeks.

January 21, starting at 5:30 pm:
Hilton Palm Beach Airport
150 Australian Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33406

From I-95, exit at Southern Blvd, west

Hilton Palm Beach Airport

Contact Kyle Rathbun with any questions (561-602-2100)

Events Around the Zone; and National Event Registration Coming Up

In addition to getting a new Region in Zone 12, there are also a couple of big anniversaries next year:

Suncoast’s 60th

North Florida’s 50th

In the next few months, look for more details about celebrations being planned in each Region.

In a somewhat traditional fashion, Zone 12 will have a very busy first quarter, of course with ongoing health and safety protocols based on current conditions in the local areas. Our first big event will be the Rolex 24.

Rolex 24 at Daytona, January 29-31

As with almost everything else, the PCA car corral at the Rolex will be affected by COVID restrictions. There will be a PCA presence at Daytona, but it will be scaled back to minimize crowds.

There will not be the traditional large PCA Tent located in the Porsche Car Corral parking area, because we can’t provide our traditional hospitality (driver presentations, live feed TVs, seating, paddock tour raffles, etc.). The health and safety of our members is most important, and we’ll be abiding by all current safety guidelines.

We will have a smaller tent, so you can still easily spot the Corral! We’ll be there to welcome members just the same. Parking in the Porsche Car Corral is currently planned to proceed as usual (as always, it requires the Porsche Car Corral parking ticket purchased from Daytona International Speedway).

The Speedway has made some significant changes regarding the race weekend. You can learn more on the track’s Rolex information page.

In order to safely host fans in the venue and infield, new protocols and procedures will be in place, including limiting capacity in the infield to allow for social distancing. As a result, experiences will be modified in accordance with COVID-19 protocols. Also, the competitor garages and paddock will be closed to all spectators.

Because of the track’s restrictions for 2021, Daytona is allowing ticket holders to defer their tickets to be used at the 2022 race. If you’d like to postpone your tickets to 2022, please visit their site for full details.

To postpone your tickets to 2022 or get additional information, go to the Rolex Assistance page for information about all your options. You must let Daytona know by January 6.

All of this is subject to change and is dependent on guidelines set by Daytona International Speedway and local health authorities. As additional information becomes available, it will be posted on PCA’s site as well.


If you KNOW you’ll definitely be attending Rolex and can easily get to the Corral (i.e., you’ll be parking in the infield, even if you won’t be parked in the corral), please help us out. While we will have limited hours at the tent, we still need a few Volunteers to help us Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Please email me if you can help at Rolex (caymancrazy2012@yahoo.com).

And the very next week … we need more Volunteers for the 48 Hours at Sebring (Feb 5-7)!

Volunteering is a great way to meet new PCA friends and learn about the various aspects of running an event. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

Please contact Paul Raben, Gold Coast volunteer chair, if you have any questions or need help registering (praben356@gmail.com).

Learn about various Volunteer positions at the 48.

Sign up here.

PCA’s Werks Reunion at Amelia Island, March 5, 2021

Werks is still on, but of course things can change as we get closer to the date. It’s held during the Amelia Island Concours weekend, so if the Amelia Concours organization cancels their event, then Werks will be cancelled.

Please check here for updated details about Werks.

Registration for Werks will open this Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 12:00 PM (EST).

Porsche owners interested in displaying their vehicles must register in one of two categories:

Porsche Corral — Display your cherished Porsche proudly alongside others in its model type. Corral participants are not considered in judged competition.

Porsche Judged Field — Compete against other owners to take home a Werks Reunion Award. Register early as this category sells out fast!

**please note that there is no spectator parking and all Porsche owners wishing to attend must register and park in the Porsche Corral.

Learn more about the Amelia Island Concours.

Parade and Treffen registrations

Parade 2021 will be in French Lick, IN, July 11-17. Registration for Phase 1 will open February 10. Check the Parade website for updates.

Spring Treffen will be in Scottsdale, AZ, May 5-9. Registration will open Wednesday, February 24, at 3 pm EST. Note that registration may get delayed due to COVID situation uncertainty. Keep checking the Treffen website for current info.

Zone 12’s Annual Zonefest – back in Melbourne in May (May 28-30, 2021)

Zonefest is Zone 12’s annual beginning-of-summer bash, usually held Memorial Day weekend in various parts of Florida. We had to put it off for 2020, but we’ll make up those plans in 2021.

Come join us for 2021’s party on the east coast, in Melbourne. Thanks to our host Region — Space Coast – this is going to be an incredible weekend.

Now, of course all this is dependent on the health and safety circumstances at the time, but the plans are currently moving forward to be able to have Zonefest in Melbourne in May.

Registration will be on ClubReg, and will open some time in the spring. Stay tuned for updates and keep checking the Zone 12 page.

Here are Some Easy Ways to Stay Engaged with PCA, all year round


Most of our events are listed on ClubRegistration.net. It’s easy to register on ClubReg, and then you can simply search for a Region to see what all is going on – all around PCA. Most of us are already on ClubReg, but if you’re new to PCA or haven’t attended many events in the past, please take the time to register now.

Most of our events do require registration now, so we can manage the number of attendees and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. Attached you’ll find instructions for how to register. Thanks to Suncoast President Denise Remus for creating this helpful document!

How to Register on ClubReg


Is your email address current on PCA.org? And is your co-member’s email included?

Make sure you keep your email address updated, so you continue to receive emails from your Region, Zone and the National office. And if you have a co-member, make sure their email address is also in your profile, otherwise they will not receive any communications from PCA. Just sign into your account on PCA.org to make any updates, or call the National office for help: 410-381-0911

Also, the PCA website (PCA.org) will be getting a facelift this year. The new website will be rolling out some time soon, with easier ways to learn about what’s happening and how you can stay involved.

Ending the year on a high note … let’s celebrate Good Works Around the Zone!

During the holiday season – and all year through – our Regions gave back to their communities, especially during this extraordinary time of need.

We all know about the larger charities, but if you know of any organizations in your area that are helping people in need, please bring it to the attention of your Region leadership. As I am well aware (and often hear from others), most of us in PCA have been blessed – we get the opportunity to play with our “toys,” that are usually only dreams for most people. By giving back to our communities through worthwhile organizations, we can share our skills, efforts and blessings – providing a more personal experience that not only uplifts the recipient but the giver as well.

As the incoming President of Gold Coast, Peter Oliviere, said about their recent events: “These events were more than just the ‘numbers;’ our members got the opportunity to deliver relief to those in need in a very personal way. The feeling of helping others you get when looking into the eyes of the person you assisted, goes far beyond what you get by delivering a check to an intermediary.”

Here are just a few examples of our Regions’ recent good works. And there are plans for many more opportunities to help in 2021.

North Florida Region

In December, North Florida’s western group (Emerald Coast Area) held a charity drive and donated $2,365 to Feeding the Gulf Coast, the food bank that serves the 5 most western counties in the North Florida Region (in the FL Panhandle). They had 8 cars and 14 members take part in the drive to “Feed the Gulf Coast” and help with the presentation of their donation. Afterwards, they enjoyed a backroads drive through the Blackwater State Forest to Bear Lake for a socially distanced picnic on a warm, but slightly cloudy day. It was a fun and worthwhile event that benefitted many people in need.

In January, North Florida’s eastern group (Canopy Roads Area) will have their event to benefit Second Harvest of the Big Bend. At the moment, it’s scheduled for Saturday, January 23, and will be a luncheon and donation event at FSU’s University Center, overlooking the Seminoles’ football field. NFL will be sending updates to members as the time gets near, but if you’re interested in attending and donating, please email Shirley Kerns at shirley@penningtonlaw.com.

Gold Coast Region

In November, the Gold Coast Region had several Volunteers help during a food distribution effort, and the Region provided 500 turkeys to families in need in the Fort Lauderdale area (at a cost of $7,500).  Another 250 families received gift cards after the turkeys were given out. Volunteers helped to control the lines of cars; sort food; load car trunks with the food; and a million other jobs that needed to be attended to in order for the event to be a success.

In December, the Region pitched in to help families in the Plantation area, who received more than $4,000 in food gift cards. It was not difficult to partner with Plantation Methodist Church, along with the City of Plantation, and American Heritage High School, to distribute 500 Christmas food baskets to the people in need in Plantation. This was a smaller effort than in November, but it was supported by more than $4,000 in food gift cards supplied by Gold Coast that went into the baskets. Once again, club members rose to the occasion, volunteering for traffic control and manning the food line.

Despite the hindrances created by COVID 19, the club was able to assist more than 1,000 families in the Ft Lauderdale and Plantation areas, who have been adversely affected by this dreadful virus.

Everglades Region

The Everglades Region continues to make a big difference in SW Florida communities, by celebrating the club’s 4th Porsche & Friends Parade to The Golisano Children’s Hospital on December 5th. They delivered a trailer full of toys to the children and raised more than $200,000 in 20 minutes at the hospital’s doorstep, helping to get closer to bringing a robotic neurosurgery machine to Golisano (full cost is $675,000). Currently, children in need of neurosurgery have to be flown at least 2 hours away for care, and their families have to be away from home as well.

Valerie Petracco, Board member and event organizer reiterated “even though this year’s holiday celebration looked a little different, we were still able to keep our annual tradition alive in a safe way for the precious patients, their families and the hospital staff. This was the only event the hospital had hosted on their campus all year, and C-19 best practices were implemented for all to see. Even custom masks with Everglades logo and Golisano logo were made for all participants.”

Santa led the 150-car, police-escorted parade, riding on top of a fire truck to deliver the cargo of presents that filled the Porsche of Ft. Myers car transport trailer. With the help of the Lee County SWAT team and the Iona McGregor Fire Dept, Santa’s elves repelled down the sides of the 8-story hospital, saying hello to children, their families and staff through the windows as they passed by. Santa was also able to hitch a ride up to the windows, where he was able to visit with the children, with a little help from the fire department’s hook & ladder bucket.

Sonnenschein Region

Sonnenschein Region enjoyed a Toys for Tot’s tour to Fairhope, AL, in early December. One of the extra challenges in 2020 was not being able to gather or hold events at hospitals, especially in smaller cities or rural areas. But one of Sonnenschein’s members is in the Fairhope Rotary Club, and they offered to accept the toys. There were two tours that Sonnenschein members could join, one from Pensacola and another starting at the newly remodeled Porsche Mobile.

More than 20 cars in the two groups joined together for a Police escort thru downtown Fairhope, AL, to the toy drop-off at the Rotary Club.


Thoroughbred also held a Toys for Tots drive and dine in December, including more than 20 cars and lots of club engagement.

Connie Taylor did a great job purchasing about $1,000 of toys – flooding her dining room with the bounty. She organized to have the toys transported in Macans, and the club also presented a $1,500 check. This event also provided publicity to help draw attention to the extra need for donations at this time. The participants enjoyed a nice drive through Marion County Horse Country, with a planned lunch to finish the trip.

See what’s going on at all our Regions:   Zone 12 Regions

And as we begin a much-needed new year …

Thanks to all of our Regions’ leadership and teams of Volunteers for keeping us going through 2020. All of our Regions did a great job keeping us engaged and informed, and most importantly safe during this unprecedented year for us all. As we enter into a hopeful new year, we’ll continue our trend toward getting back to normal, while also helping those who are still in need.

We’ve all had to deal with various levels of stress, unique challenges, isolation, uncertainty, and health issues, and hopefully we’ve all come through it just fine. But on a personal note, as we end this challenging year and look forward to new beginnings, I just want to thank my precious husband Mike for all his help and support of my Zone Rep duties, always.

Wishing you health and happiness, well into the new year and beyond!

Lisa Lewis Koller
Zone 12 Rep

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Zone 12 PCA: Happy Thanksgiving and Upcoming Events

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Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you have more to be thankful for than not in this challenging year.  Hopefully you were able to “see” your family and friends through some form of technology, even if you can’t be with them in person.

In the past couple of months, most of our Regions have successfully started to get back out there, and some are planning for their new start in 2021. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming year; but there are still a few good events left in this year, and we hope you can join us if they’re near you. It’s starting to cool down, so get out there and enjoy our great fall and winter weather!


Saturday, December 5th is Zone 12’s annual day to give back during the holidays. Please support any of these charity events in your area (or any within a short drive from you!). Remember, you can participate in any Region’s events – not just your home Region’s. So please come out and support these worthy causes:


December 5 (Naples area): Everglades Region’s 4th Annual Porsche Parade to Golisano Children’s Hospital 

Starting at 9:30 a.m., there will be a Police escort for the Porsches to deliver toys to Golisano Hospital, for the children who can’t go home for the holidays due to their treatment. After the toys are delivered, a group lunch will follow. You must register, so the Lee County Sheriff has a car count. Email jpetracco@comcast.net to register.

Details are on Everglades’ website: https://egs.pca.org/2020/09/11/12136/


December 5 (Ocala area): Florida Thoroughbred’s Toys for Tots Drive

Join Thoroughbred on an enjoyable parade/drive through the Marion County horse country.  They’ll deliver donations and toys to the Marine Corps’ “Toys for Tots” center, followed by lunch. Gather for the drive at Porsche of Ocala, with check in at 9:45 a.m.; starting the drive at 10:30.

Register on Club Registration: https://clubregistration.net/events/event-details.cfm?event_id=11047


December 5 (Pensacola, FL and Mobile, AL areas): Sonnenschein’s Toy Drive to Fairhope

Sonnenschein Region will have a toy drive for the Fairhope Rotary Youth Club (www.rotaryyouthclub.com). Toys are needed for children Pre-K thru 18 years old. There will be two separate tours – one leaving from the Pensacola area, and another leaving from Porsche Mobile. They’ll meet up in Fairhope, AL to deliver the toys, then participants can choose to go to lunch in downtown Fairhope.

Register on Club Registration: https://clubregistration.net/events/event-details.cfm?event_id=11071

Other fun events coming up in December:

Saturday, December 5: Citrus Region’s Porsche Heritage Drive

Florida Citrus is sponsoring a special tour to celebrate Porsche’s strong driving heritage. The honorees for the day will be the classic transaxle cars (aka older front-engines: 924, 944, 968, and 928), and air-cooled cars (356, 912, 914, and the classic 911, including the 964 and 993 generations).

Citrus organized their first ever “Heritage Drive” in partnership with Porsche South Orlando (4895 Vineland Rd., Orlando), and it will start at 8:15 a.m. at the dealership. They hope to welcome more front-engine “transaxle” Porsche drivers into our PCA family!

The Heritage Drive was created to bring all Classic Porsche owners together to enjoy a drive through some twisty Central Florida roads, taking advantage of the fantastic “winter” weather while we can! In keeping with the theme, priority registration for the Heritage Drive will be given to classic front-engine cars, and air-cooled cars, but all Porsches are welcomed. Even if you can’t participate in the drive, you can stop by the dealership to enjoy breakfast (thanks to Porsche South Orlando), and see some of the beautiful cars that will participate in the event.

At the end of the drive, there will be an optional hour-long airboat tour ($32), and they have also made arrangements for a group lunch at a nearby “Old Florida” restaurant with socially distanced indoor and outdoor seating.

Register today on Club Registration:



Saturday, December 12: Florida Crown’s Classic Cruise-In in St. Augustine

Just show up – no pre-registration. The Florida Crown Region will be at the Classic Car Museum of St. Augustine at 9 a.m. for a cruise-in. The Classic Car Museum will provide coffee and doughnuts, and there’s paved parking in front of the building which can accommodate more than 100 cars.

The museum is located on US1, and the official address is 4730 Dixie Highway, St. Augustine, FL 32086

Details on Crown’s website:


Learn more about the Classic Car Museum of St. Augustine:



Sunday, December 13: Everglades’ Holiday Road Rally

Starting at Porsche Naples early in the afternoon, drivers and navigators will be on the hunt for memorable holiday themes and decorations. The drive will last approximately 2 hours. At the conclusion of the rally, prizes will be awarded for the top scoring cars. Prizes will also be awarded for best holiday themed mask, best holiday outfit, and best holiday themed Porsche.

Registration fee is $38 per person and includes a catered meal by Vesuvius Wood Fired Cooking at the rally conclusion. Questions? Contact Dave Noelken at 239-0676-8899 or cdnoelken@icloud.com

Register on Club Registration: https://clubregistration.net/events/event-details.cfm?event_id=11072

And looking forward to 2021 …

The 48 Hours at Sebring is on! The Club Race, Advanced Driver’s Ed and Autocross will be held February 4-7, 2021.

All registration will be on Club Registration.net:

Club Race – opens on December 7

Advanced Solo DE – opens on December 14

AX – opens on December 14

Learn about the 48: http://www.48hoursatsebring.com/

And please consider volunteering at the 48 – no expertise needed, just a smiling face and willing attitude! There are all sorts of opportunities to volunteer and get behind the scenes to learn about the running of a first-class PCA Club Race and DE!

Learn more: http://www.48hoursatsebring.com/volunteer.php

Sign-up here to become a Volunteer: http://www.48hoursatsebring.com/volunteersignin.php

Look for other Zone 12 Regional events coming up soon. But in the meantime, it’s not too early to start planning for next year’s big Zone and National events (assuming they’ll still be held, depending on health and safety circumstances at the time).

The Roar Before the Rolex 24 (Daytona), January 22-25, 2021

There’s free admission for all multi-day Rolex 24 ticket holders. The annual three-day test/final dress rehearsal before the Rolex 24 was moved to the weekend just prior to the race (rather than at the first of January), to make it more convenient for the race teams to remain in Daytona the whole time.

Rolex 24 at Daytona, January 28-31, 2021

As of now, there will not be the traditional large PCA tent and hospitality in the corral – but we should know soon if we can have any PCA presence at all. At the moment, the race is scheduled to go on, and if you already have your Porsche Corral tickets you can enjoy a prime parking spot in the Corral. Thanks to those of you who always volunteer to help us at the Corral – I’ll know soon if we’ll need Volunteers for 2021, so please stay tuned.

Keep watching here for updates about our PCA participation at the Rolex: https://www.pca.org/event/2020-11-05/rolex-24-daytona


Save the date for Zonefest, hosted by Space Coast Region; Memorial Day weekend (May 28-30, 2021)

Zonefest is Zone 12’s annual beginning-of-summer bash, usually held Memorial Day weekend in various parts of Florida. Come join us for 2021’s party on the east coast, in Melbourne.  It’s still tentative but hopeful! Registration will open early next year.

Details are on the Zone 12 website: https://zone12.pca.org/zonefest/


And make sure to check out these National events for 2021 and beyond:


2021 – French Lick, IN (July 11-17, 2021 @ French Lick Resort); registration will open in spring 2021

2022 – Pocono Manor, PA (June 12-18, 2022 @ Kalahari Resort)

2023 – Palm Springs, CA (June 18-24, 2023 @ Waldorf LaQuinta Resort)



Spring 2021, Scottsdale, AZ (May 5-9, 2021 @ JW Marriott Camelback Inn)

Fall 2021, Kohler, WI (October 13-17, 2021 @ The American Club)

Spring 2022, Colorado Springs, CO (April 27 – May 1, 2022 @ The Broadmoor)


And finally, a quick note of thanks – thanks to all of you who are doing your best in these trying times, to help your families; to take care of others; to aid others in your community; and to help us all get back to whatever our new normal will be.

Stay safe, well and vigilant throughout the holidays … and try to be creative in your thankfulness for this year.


I am very thankful for my family and friends, plus so much more.

Best wishes,

Zone 12 Rep

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Zone 12 PCA: Drive-In Movie Night Oct 17; Also, Reminder About Sebring Ticket Exchange

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We made it to another week! We’re slowly making strides toward getting back to normal, and that includes some successful, limited-attendance driving and social events over the past several weeks. Great job by all the Region teams who have planned and led these fun events!

Now, get ready to enjoy our first “large” and safely socially distanced event. Join Everglades Region for a Porsche night out, while you stay “in” your ride at the drive-in. Come hang out with us on Saturday, October 17, for a private showing of “Ford v Ferrari” at the Collier County Fairgrounds Drive-In in Naples.

Bring your chairs, blankets, and refreshments and enjoy your socially distanced parking spot, next to 150 of your PCA friends. The cost is $40 per car, with half of that going to a local charity. PCA members only.

Register today on ClubRegistration.net:

Registration closes October 12.

Last Chance to Exchange Sebring Tickets for Next Year’s Race (March 17-20, 2021)

I just wanted to send another reminder that we will not have a Porscheplatz tent (PCA hospitality) at the Sebring race in November. The track will still have the Porsche and Corvette Corrals set up in the traditional location, but “we” (PCA) will not have a presence there or need Volunteers to run the corral. But please save up your energy to again Volunteer at the March 2021 Sebring Race, when we’ll be back out there at our normal Porscheplatz spot (hopefully)!

If you already have your tickets for this year, but you can’t make it in November, remember you can exchange your tickets for the March 2021 race. Simply mail your tickets/parking pass to the ticket office by October 15, per their instructions:

“If you already purchased tickets and parking for the 2020 Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring and you are unable to attend the Nov. 11-14, 2020 event, you can return your tickets and parking passes by October 15 and receive a full credit toward tickets to the March 17-20, 2021 event.  To receive a full credit, return your tickets and parking passes to:

Sebring International Raceway
Ticket Department
113 Midway Drive
Sebring, FL 33870”

The track’s return policy applies to all tickets, not just our Porscheplatz packages. Keep checking their website for ongoing updates regarding the overall race situation:


And don’t forget these other upcoming Region events …

October 3: Sonnenschein is having a fun run through Mississippi back roads, ending with lunch at a nice place in Ocean Springs. Registration closes this Thursday, the 1st.

October 3: Space Coast will have an Autocross in Melbourne. Registration closes tomorrow, the 30th.

October 3: Puerto Rico Region will have a DE. Registration closes this Thursday, the 1st.

October 24: Thoroughbred will have a Drive & Dine to Yankeetown, FL and the Blackwater Restaurant.

Oct 31-Nov 1: Gold Coast is having their DE at Homestead. Local restrictions have been lifted, so if you’ve already registered, please sign in now and pay. Spots are still available for students, as well as solo drivers.

November 8: Suncoast will have an Autocross in Brooksville.

November 29: Citrus will have a Drive & Dine to Hurricane Dockside in Tavares.

Keep checking your Region’s website or email updates to find out what’s being planned. We’re going to make it through this year, we really are! Hope to see some of you out and about at these events soon — and at even more events, as we move into the holiday season.

Stay safe and healthy!

PCA Zone 12 Rep



Zone 12 Region sites

Everglades: https://egs.pca.org/
Florida Citrus: https://flc.pca.org/
Florida Crown: https://www.pcafcr.org/
Florida Thoroughbred: http://www.floridapca.org/
Gold Coast: https://www.goldcoastregion.org/
North Florida: http://nfl.pca.org/
Sonnenschein: https://son.pca.org/
Space Coast: https://spc.pca.org/
Suncoast: https://suncoastpca.org/
Puerto Rico: https://www.facebook.com/PCAPuertoRico/

Reminder about our Driver’s Ed Instructor’s Schools in the fall (along with DEs the same weekend). If you’ve ever considered becoming an instructor, please attend – and of course, the knowledge and ongoing training is great for current instructors.

October 9: Citrus Instructor School and Solo Driver Day at Roebling (Savannah)

October 10-11: Citrus DE at Roebling (all run groups)

November 20-22: Suncoast Instructor School at Sebring, 20th-21st; DE on Sunday the 22nd (all run groups)