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Zone 12 PCA: Info for PCA Car Corral at Daytona

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Welcome to Rolex week! There will be all kinds of fun activities this year – at the track and at the One Daytona entertainment complex right across the street. But of course the big draw for us (in addition to the race!) is the PCA Car Corral, where PCA Members and Porsche owners from all over the world can hang out with old friends and new; see some of the most beautiful street Porsches, all in one place; all while watching the races from trackside at the infield kink or on the monitors inside the tent. And yes, you can help us too, if you have a spare moment (just ask inside the tent how you can pitch in!).

If you plan to be at Rolex, please go to PCA.org to read all about the PCA Car Corral – including the schedule of events and speakers, as well as a link to the track map so you can find us (once on the map page, open the Rolex maps). You don’t have to be parked in the Corral to visit – all PCA members and Porsche owners are welcome! If you’re not going to Rolex, we’ll miss you … but you’ll probably be cozy and comfortable watching the race on TV, as the weather in Daytona later this week will be up and down like usual this time of year. But that’s part of the fun too!

Thanks again to all the Volunteers who will help run the Corral and tent – and who make sure everyone has a great time. We couldn’t do it without you! We’re all Volunteers, and we do our absolute best each year to fit almost 200 Porsches in a limited amount of space. So, when you drive into the Corral, there will be friendly Volunteers guiding you to the proper place to park, with other Volunteers helping to space the cars perfectly so that everyone can fit. Thanks for helping us do our best to have the perfect Corral!

Hope to see you there!

Zone 12 Rep

Official friendly reminder: 

If you purchased a PCA/Porsche Car Corral Parking Pass, you MUST be driving a Porsche vehicle for entrance. Only Porsche vehicles will be admitted. Even if you have purchased a PCA/Porsche Car Corral pass, you will not be allowed to park in the Car Corral unless you are driving a Porsche. No exceptions.

You are always personally welcome to the PCA Car Corral Hospitality tent with your general admission tickets, you just cannot park in the Car Corral without the PCA/Porsche Car Corral Parking Pass.