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Zone 12 – OktoberFast Daytona DE Registration now open (including a Nighttime DE!)

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Daytona OktoberFast Solo DE / Nighttime DE Registration Now Open
Calling all solo DE drivers or Club Racers – now’s your chance to not only drive Daytona, but drive it under the lights, just like the big boys!! This year, we’re planning 2 nights under the lights, in addition to our regular daily DE and Club Race schedule.

REGISTRATION FOR SOLO DE – AND NIGHT SESSIONS – NOW OPEN:  https://clubregistration.net/events/event-details.cfm?event_id=11334

Solo DE Drivers: When you register, if you’d also like to run in the Adv. Solo Night Sessions, please go to the Event Options section and select that additional option.

Club Racers: You’ll register for the Club Race, like usual (registration opens in September). But if you’d like to participate in nighttime DE sessions too, please sign into the Solo DE event and select “Club Racer,” and then add the Club Race Night Session as an option.

All about OktoberFast at Daytona: October 22-24, 2021

For those of you who may not know, OktoberFast is our Zone 12 Club Race at Daytona International Speedway – and it’s a lot of fun! As always, we’ll have the Club Race, Advanced Solo DE and a super-fun Autocross on the infield Kart track. But this year, we’ll also offer a nighttime Solo DE for advanced drivers!

And OktoberFast will be the site of the East Region Championship for the Club Racing 944 Series!

This OktoberFast will be bigger and better than ever, with the Club Race, Advanced Solo DE, Nighttime Solo DE, Autocross, Charity Track Touring, and a People’s Choice Car Show.

While you’re participating in all the incredible events during the weekend, you’ll have the chance to get up close and personal with Club Racing – explore the garages and view the races from the best vantage points along the paddock.

This year we’ll open our first Goodie Store filled with incredible PCA apparel and accessories to commemorate OktoberFast and Club Racing. There will also be several onsite vendors, keeping you up to date with the latest safety gear, new tires, and select racing parts and accessories.


We’ll need more Volunteers than ever, so if you’d like to help out and learn what it’s like to be behind the scenes at Daytona, please plan to be a Volunteer (cool T-shirt included!). We’ll open registration soon, but if you’re interested, please email Ray with any questions: raygrynk2@outlook.com.

Track Touring

For all of us who will be there to enjoy all the fun and camaraderie, we can take our cars on the full track too! We’ll offer track touring opportunities on Saturday and Sunday, providing donations to a worthy new charity: Cure SMA, which is dedicated to the treatment and care of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). SMA is the number one genetic cause of death for infants, and it takes away a person’s ability to walk, eat, or breathe.

Several of our Regions will be planning a drive over to Daytona for the car show, autocross or just to watch the races – check with your leadership team to find out if your Region will be having a group event. Plan to come to Daytona and enjoy all that the weekend has to offer!

All registration will be on ClubRegistration.net: Club Race, Solo DE, Nighttime Solo DE, Autocross, and Volunteers.

Hope to see you at Daytona!

– Lisa
Lisa Lewis Koller
Zone 12 Rep