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Porsche Parade Registration is Just Around the Corner!

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In case you haven’t heard (yes, shocking – but some people still are not aware!), our 2019 Porsche Parade will be at the Boca Raton Resort and Club, July 21-27. Registration will open soon after the first of the year, so I’m just giving a heads up and some basic information to get us ready to register!

We just had our fall Parade Planning Meeting in Boca, and the final details for Parade events and Volunteer opportunities will be available shortly after the first of the year. I’ve attached the “Registration Guide” for this year’s (2018) Parade in Lake of the Ozarks, just for reference regarding what to expect when you get ready to register for Parade 2019.

Sample Parade Registration Guide (from 2018 Parade)

I’ll be sending more specific information soon, including exactly when online registration will open for Parade (this includes booking your room at the Boca Resort and Club). We’ll all be receiving information along the way from the Parade Committee as well, so make sure you don’t ignore those “enews” emails!

Here’s some basic Parade info:

For now, please ensure you have an account for the member-only portion of pca.org. YOU WILL NEED TO LOG IN AT WWW.PCA.ORG TO REGISTER FOR PARADE.

There are 2 phases for Parade Registration, and everything is done online (there will be no on-site registration once you get to Parade).

  • The first phase (Parade registration and hotel reservation) will open in early 2019 (probably early February)
    • You’ll register for Parade and pay the fee (one fee, for you and a co-entrant)
    • After that, you’ll be able to book your room at the Boca Resort and Club (very attractive reduced room rates; valet will not be required, and there will be a minimal fee for self-parking)
    • That’s it, for the first phase
  • The second phase (banquets and events) will open in early spring (April timeframe)
    • This part takes a bit of time, so just have a cup of coffee ready when you start to register …
    • Register for the various banquets (there are several to choose from; you’ll need to say Yes or No, all the way down the list!)
    • Register for events (Tours, Rallies, AX, Concours, etc.; same here – you’ll run through the list of all of them)
    • When the time comes, sign up to Volunteer! There are dozens of opportunities to help out, and you’ll get to pick your top choices. Hundreds of Volunteers are needed, and the Volunteer Coordinator will assign helpers where needed and keep you informed of where/when/how.

We know we’ll need dedicated Volunteers to be lead and sweep cars for the various Tours. Due to the number of cars in each Tour, we’ll need several leads and sweeps for each one (possibly 4-5 Tours). If you know the S FL area well and/or have been a lead or sweep car in your Region’s Tours, please consider helping out. When Volunteer Registration opens, you’d select that specific role (Tour Lead/Sweep).

I hope you’re looking forward to Parade and all the festivities, and that you’ll be able to help out if you can. It’ll be a special summer for us in Florida, as we welcome the rest of PCA.

Hope to see you at a holiday party or another Region event soon!


Zone 12 Rep

Stay tuned for more information, but check out these sites now:

Boca Raton Resort and Club

2019 Porsche Parade Facebook Page

PCA National Website for Porsche Parade

Zone 12 Website

Still not sure what Parade is?

Porsche Parade is the “big” Porsche Club event of the year: our annual national convention. Parade has a wide variety of activities, and club members from all across North America (and elsewhere!) come together for this once-a-year extravaganza to participate in a week of competitive events, to socialize and enjoy their cars. There are great tours, seminars and several banquets. For many club members, Parade is their big vacation for the year. It provides them with an opportunity to see new parts of the country as well as to visit with PCA friends that they only see once a year – at Parade!

Competitive Events:
5k Run/Walk
Concours d’Elegance
RC Cars
Tech Quiz
Gimmick Rally
Time-Speed-Distance Rally

Other Events and Activities:
Driving Tours
Art Show
Ice Cream Social
Kids’ Activities
Parade of Porsches