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Lunch with Hurley Haywood! Zone 12 PCA Special Event: January 19, 2019 (St. Augustine, FL)

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Save the date for this very special event! The Patrick Dempsey-produced documentary on Hurley will be showing at the St. Augustine International Film Festival on Saturday, January 19. As a special event planned exclusively for PCA members, there will be a luncheon and conversation with Hurley, followed by the movie screening.

This is not a PCA/Zone 12-sponsored event, but it is being planned just for us. Details are being finalized now, and there will be a limited number of packages available. There will be a plated lunch with cash bar and a PCA Corral parking area close to the luncheon and the movie screening events.
Registration will be opening soon, and you’ll register online. All Proceeds will benefit the United Way of St. Johns County.

Preliminary Schedule of Events

Saturday, January 19, 2019
10:00 am: PCA Parking lot will open (PCA pass holders only. Lot will be attended 10:00-4:30.)
11:30- 1:45 pm: PCA Lunch with Hurley at the Casa Monica Ballroom
1:45 pm: Ticket holders leave for admission to screening (general admission seating)
2:15: Screening of Hurley at Lewis Auditorium
4:00-4:30: Screening and Q & A ends

Must be a PCA member and provide PCA member number during registration:

PCA Couples Corral Pass – $159
• One PCA Corral Parking Spot
• 2 Tickets for Lunch with Hurley
• 2 General Admission Movie Tickets

PCA Singles Corral Pass – $79
• One PCA Corral Parking Spot
• 1 Ticket for Lunch with Hurley
• 1 General Admission Movie Ticket

Limit one package per PCA member.

Additional advance purchase offers will also be available, such as limited edition copies of Hurley’s book, posters, etc. A few select hotels will also be offering special rates for the weekend (details available soon).

If you’d like to attend this special event, please email me so we can gauge interest. As mentioned, there will be a limited number of spots available, and registration will be online in advance via the United Way website. Please stay tuned for final details soon!

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