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Photos and Report – Zonefest 2017

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Zonefest Report from Steve Kidd – The weekend started on Friday afternoon with registration, socializing, Concours prep and classes for newcomers about the upcoming competitive events. One of the unique qualities of Zonefest is that the host region recruits other regions in Zone 12 to chair the competitive activities. In true form, Saturday morning started off with a Concours hosted by Gold Coast Region (Fred Kohly, chair), followed by a gimmick rally hosted by North Florida Region (Don Boggs, chair) and the final competitive event of the day was a tech quiz hosted by Space Coast region (Steve Hoffman, chair) with the final activity being a social and awards party at one of Tallahassee’s most historic pubs.

Sunday started off with a challenging autocross hosted by Sonnenschein Region (Wally Lindenmuth, chair). Wally and Steve Kidd saw to it that autocross newcomers received great instruction and improved every run. After lunch, most of the 75 registrants participated in a canopy tour thru rural Leon County, led by Tim and Shirley Kerns from North Florida region. The final event of the weekend was the awards banquet where the concluding round of trophies, door prizes and recognition’s were presented.

In the coming weeks, we will we be updating the Zone 12 Zonefest page and the North Florida Zonefest pages with the results from the weekend’s events and activities and more, so check back.

Special thanks to all the sponsors, program advertiser and staff from many regions that made this event possible!

Photos galleries from Ed Stone –

People – Just a few shots taken Friday in the welcome area of the hotel and Saturday at the buffet restaurant.

Concours – The cars, people, scenery and dog that caught my eye Saturday at the park.

Autocross – Twelve representative shots of each of the twenty-nine competitors (taken from my position along the starting leg) during their various runs. I wish there were a soundtrack to go with them!