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OktoberFAST is Oct 21-23 at Daytona!

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Registration is open for the Oktoberfast DE and Autocross

Driver Education

Is it true I have to look out the driver’s side window to see where I’m going while driving the banking at Daytona International Speedway? Is it true my car will slide off the banking if I’m going less than 40 mph? Will my modern Porsche’s systems go hay-wire while on the banking and put my car into limp mode? Is it true my car will see a higher top speed than at any other track I’ve driven?

You can find out the answers to these and other Daytona legends you’ve heard over the years by attending the Advanced Solo DE at Daytona International Speedway, held in conjunction with the Zone 12 PCA Club Races on October 21st – 23rd, 2016. The event is not limited to Porsches. Drivers must either be a PCA National Instructor, or, have achieved Advanced Solo status with their home region and have experience with PCA Expanded Passing (with a point by).

There are two registration options. The 2 day registration option is $450.00 and the 3 day option is $500.00. A check of Daytona events, sponsored by other HPDE organizations and clubs makes this is a real bargain. Zone 12’s event is anywhere from $100.00 to several hundred dollars lower than those organizations’ events and theirs are 2 day events!

Oktoberfast 2 day AutoX at Daytona International Speedway (Kart track) October 22-23

Come Autocross at the Kart track (orange campground area) inside Daytona International Speedway. This 2 day AutoX is run as part of the Oktoberfast Club Race activities and is considered a Zone Challenge event. We plan to have awards for class winners that participate both days. There will be a cap of 75 autocrossers per day. Classes for Porsche’s based on PCR’s for midsize regions. Non Porsche members welcome, and must use X class (Generic non Porsche class).

More info can be found at https://zone12.pca.org/octoberfest/

Register now on ClubRegistration.net.  

Questions? Please contact Event Chair, Jim Burnett at 575-336-1198 during July, August or September and at 904-247-9204 during October. You can also reach Jim at 111margaret@att.net.  Or Steve or Dottie Kidd at 954 946-3196.