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The last DE before the summer heat! Sebring, May 12-13 (Instructors Needed, Please!)

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Now that our annual 3.5 days of “spring” are over, we’re going to be feeling the heat soon (but yes, that’s what AC is for!). It’s your last chance to enjoy Sebring with your PCA buddies before it gets so hot your tires will melt straight into the track! That is not exactly what is meant by “sticky” tires.

OK, that won’t really happen, but during the summer it certainly feels like it could. So, register today for the May 12-13 DE at http://www.clubregistration.net (just search for Suncoast), and enjoy Sebring for the last time until … hmmm, September.

And we need some more Instructors. So, if you are one, please register today so we can un-wait list some very happy drivers – thanks to you!

Suncoast and Citrus Regions DE at Sebring, May 12 & 13
Register at http://www.clubregistration.net

Hope to see you at Sebring!

– Lisa Lewis