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Guest Info for our Zone 12 OktoberFast Club Race at Daytona (in only 2 weeks!)

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We hope to welcome you to Daytona in just a couple of weeks for our annual Zone 12 OktoberFast Club Race weekend! This map will help you make your way around the Daytona complex, and there will be signs posted all through the venue to point you in the right direction.

As always, there’s no fee to be our guest and no tickets needed. It’s easy to get in and around the track – just enter at Gate 40 (off Williamson Blvd.) and sign the waiver at the gate, then enter the tunnel into the speedway and follow the signs (or the attached map) to get to where you’re going!

This year we’ll have all the on-track excitement we’re used to, plus more fun for our guests than ever before. Check the full schedule for all the events.

On Saturday, there are a few events of interest to our guests (FYI, Track Touring will be held at about the same time on Sunday too):

  • Autocross will begin at 8:30 and go on through the afternoon, ending around 3:30
  • Shine ‘N Show Car Show will be at 10:30 on Saturday, where you can show off your pretty Porsche – and get a cool OktoberFast T-shirt just for being in the show! It will be located in the Fan Zone, and you’ll register and pay once you get there ($30 entry fee). If you plan to enter your car, be there by 9:30 a.m. to get registered and parked. No fee to just attend.
  • Charity Track Touring will start around 11:20 ($20 donation, or more if you can!). Plan to be in line by 11:00, so you’ll have time to register and attend the drivers’ meeting before taking your car/truck (any make) on the track. And remember – these are fun laps at low speed, just so you can say you “drove Daytona.” (If you want to drive fast someday, just do what it takes to become a solo DE driver or a racer at Daytona!)This year our track tours will raise money for a worthy new charity: Cure SMA, which is dedicated to the treatment and care of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). SMA is the number one genetic cause of death for infants, and it takes away a person’s ability to walk, eat, or breathe.

Several of our Regions will be planning a drive over to Daytona for the car show, autocross, track touring or just to watch the races – check with your leadership team to find out if your Region will be having a group event. Plan to come to Daytona and enjoy all that the weekend has to offer!

And there’s still time to register for the driving events. Visit ClubRegistration.net and search “Daytona” to register:

We’ll have the Daytona International Speedway complex as our weekend playground – so, plan to come out October 22-24 and have fun with us!

Hope to see you there in just 2 weeks!

Lisa Lewis Koller
Zone 12 Representative

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