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Photos – ClubReg Oktoberfast 2017 DE

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Hello to all registered Advanced Solo DE Drivers from this year’s Zone 12 Oktoberfast at Daytona!

You might have met Joseph Kearsey in October. Joe wasn’t driving, but, was attending as a friend of Gord McNeil, who was. Joe came all the way from Newfoundland, Canada to experience Daytona and Oktoberfast.

Joe took a LOT of pictures during our DE and has made them available to us. The Flickr link below will take you to Joe’s Oktoberfast photos; just copy-and-paste to your web browser. There’s no charge to download any of these, but, if you should happen to publish one (or more), Joe would appreciate photo credit.

Photos – ClubReg Oktoberfast 2017 DE

Jim Burnett
Event Chair