Zonefest 2016 Concours d’Elegance

From the French meaning “competition of elegance” or “concourse of elegance”. An automobile Concours is more than a car show; it’s a competition event where trained judges may rate every component of a car. The general idea is to present a vehicle that is the same as when it left production, and perhaps even better! Only the cars judged to be the best examples, and tally the highest scores, are eligible for the trophy presentations.

Categories for 2016 Zonefest Concours

  • Wash & Shine: This competition category involves the judging of the interior and exterior only (including storage). Originality is not judged but emphasis is on cleanliness and appeal. Great way to have fun and excellent for first time participants.
  • Touring Category: Is more stringent than Wash & Shine. In this category, judges thoroughly examine the car’s interior, exterior, storage and engine compartment. Originality is highly considered.

Wash & Shine Classes:
W10      All Years       356
W11      1965-1977      All cars
W12      1978-1989     All cars
W13      1990-1998     All cars
W14      1999-2004    All cars
W15      2005-2012    All cars
W16      2013-new      All cars

Touring Classes:

T1            All Years                356
T2           1965-1977              911, 912, 914, 930
T3           1978-1989             911, 930
T4           1990-1998             964, 993, Turbos
T5           1999-2012             996, 997, GTs, Turbos
T6           2013-new              991, GTs, Turbos
T7           All years                924, 928, 944, 968
T8           All years               Boxster, Cayman
T9           All years               4 door Porsches

Trophies: First, second and third place depending on class size

Judges Choice: Chosen by Judges to be most outstanding car in show

Note: Certain bonus points may be included in participant’s final score sheets based on age within group, miles driven to event or odometer readings. We reserve the right to combine classes.